Considering moving from Taleo?
Changing Recruiting systems can be a daunting proposition. However, staying on an old solution that no longer meets the needs of your business, and no longer appeals to a new generation of candidates will impact your business more.

Oracle Taleo was an industry-leading solution for many years but now no longer meets the needs of modern-day recruiters and candidates. Oracle recognized this need for a refresh and in 2018 introduced Oracle Recruiting Cloud. A modernised Talent Acquisition solution that has been built to meet the modern needs of the business. ORC is not an upgrade from Taleo it is a brand new proposition.

Taleo vs ORC what are the differences? Moving from Taleo to Oracle Recruiting Cloud has many benefits and with Certus APAC we can make this move smooth and painless.



Let us help you on your journey
The clients that have completed this journey with us have realised the many cost and business benefits of moving to Oracle Recruiting Cloud, without the pain associated with a full-blown reimplementation. Our CloudSure methodology provides a rapid implementation approach that can move you from Taleo to Oracle Recruiting Cloud in what could be just several weeks. Certus APAC provides a full-service wrap to cover all aspects of business transformation. We advise that clients considering moving from Taleo to ORC start with a Readiness Assessment. The assessment offers a flexible and logical approach across people, process and technology to help you understand and plan for your move to Recruiting Cloud and is led by the Certus APAC team.



Readiness Assessment
Many customers that are now using Taleo are faced with the decision to make or delay the transition from Taleo to ORC. What are the considerations and when is the right time to make the transition. Certus APAC has the experience to guide you through this process.




Applicable for use by all Taleo clients, our Readiness Assessment is for those dynamic organisations who may have Taleo standalone and also for organisations who may already have Oracle HCM Cloud alongside Taleo.

Oracle has stated that it will not be decommissioning Taleo soon, and it will continue to be supported by Oracle, however with little to no investment. This means that the right time for transition depends on when your company is ready. Oracle Recruiting Cloud is a very different proposition to Taleo and works differently. Certus APAC’s CloudSure Readiness assessment will provide you with the information you need to make the decision, we do this by:

• Determining if there is a match between your current processes and ORC processes.

• Identifying your current pain points, and showing where these could be alleviated by ORC (examples: much-improved candidate application experience, smooth integration with your HRIS).

• Taking into consideration the ORC roadmap by evaluating the features available today and the features become available in future releases.

• Analysing the differences between how processes are managed between Taleo and ORC (for example online job offers via email vs RTF template).

• Taking into consideration any third party tools that have been integrated into Taleo, known as “passport partners”. Oracle is providing standard integrations with these same partners and more with ORC, but not all are ready today.

• Conversion of candidate data, we will provide clear guidelines on how this will be transferred including in-flight requisitions.

• Change management is a key element of any transformation, and Certus APAC put this at the centre of all our projects. We will guide what this would look like if you were to engage us for the project.

The purpose of the overall assessment is to validate Oracle Recruitment functionality against your high-level business and your existing system processes. This, along with the other deliverables in the Readiness Assessment, will provide you with the necessary information to assess the costs, benefits and impact of moving from Taleo to ORC on time.

Implementation of ORC
Based on our recommendations, when the time is right Certus APAC is the perfect partner to take you on your journey to Oracle Recruiting Cloud. Our approach is very much collaborative. We value long term relationships with our customers and believe the best way to deliver these projects is together.



Certus has a proven approach: CloudSure which informs and de-risks the transformation process, providing the necessary information and the confidence to proceed. We have the tools and accelerators to make sure your transition is smooth, seamless and cost-effective.



We have many years experience in delivering both Taleo and Oracle HCM Suite solutions and we have assisted several high profiles, customers, in their move from Taleo to Oracle Recruiting Cloud, using the Certus CloudSure approach, including well-known brand names like Cotton On Group.

We’d love to hear from you, so contact us today to learn more.