With Certus APAC’s wide breadth of knowledge and understanding of Oracle’s cloud solutions, specifically ERP and HCM suites; coupled with several successful customer transformations, spanning over a variety of industries. Read On to learn why your business should consider Certus APAC as a trusted advisor and Oracle implementation partner, along with the top 5 reasons you need to consolidate your Oracle cloud solutions.

We understand the prospect of transforming your systems to the cloud may be perceived as challenging and sometimes daunting creating a “Where do I start?” narrative. Be that as it may, Certus APAC is here to help dispel any ambiguity around the adoption process of Oracle’s cloud technology.

We are big believers in the power of collaboration when working with our customers. That said Certus APAC is committed to instiling confidence by providing the right framework to build you and your Teams knowledge and understanding of your specific Oracle solution, our own proven Cloudsure methodology. Before we highlight the top 5 reasons why it’s time to unify your HR and Finance solutions.

Ask yourself –

Are your Teams getting the support they need?

How has Covid-19 affected the way your Team engages?

What is the ROI on your current solution?

Now, let us take a look at Oracle’s top 5 reasons…

5 reasons to unify HR and finance with Oracle Cloud

1. Ensures business continuity with one secure data model
2. Increases employee productivity by digitising shared business processes
3. Monitor business performance with prebuilt HR, finance, and operations KPIs
4. Lower total cost of ownership by reducing complex integrations and maintenance
5. Continuously innovate with quarterly software updates


If you’ve come this far,  take the next step and get in touch with Certus APAC to learn more about our tailored packaged solutions. email us today at: info@certusapac.com